Return and exchange (website or store shopping)

a. Makeup or Skincare Products / Other Products

If you have received the goods found damaged or have quality problems, we hereby apologize, I hope you forgive me

Please 7 days from the date of purchase / receipt together with the original documents and goods to SINSINGBUY stores in person for replacement, and notify us.

Please be careful not to open the use, and return the goods in accordance with the provisions of the return. (Once only, no refund service)

If the product has a color selection, please confirm the product color before checkout, no color change service

Sorry for any inconvenience. SINSINGBUY reserves the right to make the final exchange

b. shoes

We provide shoes from the shopping day / receiving date within 7 days returned service. To handle the return of shoes, please be sure to notify us within 7 days after receiving the goods (customers can by email, phone, FACEBOOK INBOX, WHATSAPP, etc.), please specify the order number or receipt number and the need to change the shoe size , Customer service director received a notice, will take the initiative to contact the guests returned.

The reasons why shoes are not accepted for replacement include:

Chromatic aberration problems, such as the color of the monitor appears with the color of the actual color

Slight slosh or glue stains

If the product has a color selection, please confirm the product color before checkout, no color change service

c. All fashion (clothes, accessories, handbags, caps, etc.) or underwear items, no replacement or refund

d. The goods once out, no refund or replacement

e. Specified shoes In the opening sale period, all shoes do not set code, change and refund


Returned information


1. The shoes you have returned must retain the original packaging, including tag, spare laces, original packaging or shoe box

2 returned method

2a. Bring receipt and goods directly to the store returned

2b. First mail the shoes to our company, after receiving the shoe, the company will re-send the shoe. If you change the shoe size, you will have to pay all your return postage or single postage. If the return is due to commodity problems, the postage paid by the company.

3. Please note, 7 days if possible need to be returned service, do not open the use, and in accordance with the return policy for return. Can only escape, but not for style.